How you can help your Teller community

Helping Hands

Community Partnership (CP) - 701 Gold Hill Place, Woodland Park 

  • Needs 

    • Formula

    • Diapers

    • Baby wipes

    • Powdered milk

    • Paper products

    • Canned meat

    • Bread

    • Pasta and rice

    • Pasta sauce

    • Coats and blankets

    • For kids of all ages: art supplies, books, games, etc.

The best way to refer families during this time is to provide the office phone number for Community Partnership, 719-686-0705. Phones will be manned Monday – Friday 8-5, and we will be checking voicemail and returning calls over the weekends.


Families who leave a voicemail will receive a return call from one of our family advocates within 24 hours.

CP will need cash donations to support operating in this fashion and to be able to provide financial help for families.

Our plan is to create care packages for families that can be delivered to homes or picked up at CP and to share surpluses with other community-based organizations who remain operating. 

We anticipate hungry kids being the immediate need, then financial hardship for families who miss work, then adding in issues of access to prescriptions and medical and mental health care.

Please let us know if you would like to help!

Email us at:
or donate here: