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Official Information from the Joint Information Center

I heard the border between El Paso and Teller County was shut down.

This is not true and county borders will remain open. This idea has never even been considered by any agency.

Deputies/Police Officers are stopping people and asking for papers.

No deputy or police officer in Teller County (all agencies) have been told or authorized to ask anyone for "papers" or a "work authorization." A few letters were issued to certain contractors and employees who are providing work on disaster declaration projects that Teller County is working on to be prepared to fight the COVID-19 pandemic in case some other agency outside of Teller questions their movements. To current knowledge, no other entity in the state is asking for someone's status while travelling.

Law enforcement is pulling people over to see why they are travelling.

No law enforcement officer in this county or any city in this county has been told or authorized to pull anyone over for any other reason than probable cause. If you are stopped by a law enforcement officer and feel it was not due to a traffic infraction or a crime, please contact the agency for which that officer or deputy works for an ask to speak to a supervisor.

Teller County is under a curfew restriction and if you are out after 8pm there is a $1500 fine.

There is no such restriction or fine.

I've heard that Teller County officials are searching for business that have remained open and shutting them down. Is that true?

Not true. Like all government agencies, Teller County is obligated to conduct investigations and take appropriate actions based on complaints from the public. We have striven to put out information to business owners on what is/is not an essential business on social media platforms and We are relying on the voluntary compliance of all businesses in Teller County and are not expending valuable resources going door to door. However, when there is a complaint, we must investigate and if appropriate, take further action.