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Teller County department of human services programs

TANF has income limits to receive an ongoing monthly grant. The family must have children under the age of 18. It is a work program but due to COVID 19 many rules have been relaxed by the state. The diversion program which is TANF, as well, can make a one-time payment to help with immediate needs. The family must have children under 18 and their income under 75,000 a year

Adult Financial is for those sixty years or more that have incomes less than 800.00 monthly

Emergency Workers Childcare Assistance Program: COVID 19 CCCAP accommodations for 1st responders or all essential personnel needing childcare will be managed by state cooperative. This will be administered by state in coordination with providers and workers. Interested parties can sign –up thru 211 or this Colorado Emergency Childcare Collaborative site:

CCCAP – Colorado Child Care Program for families with children up to age 13. Eligibility is based on resource and gross income guidelines according to household size to determine qualifications - find on link below. CCCAP requires both parents to be in an activity unless they receive TANF. All information for CCCAP can be accessed on the state link:

PEAK Application site:

Food Assistance Program: Income guidelines per household size for the Food Assistance program is under the SNAP area on the state web site. All information for Medicaid can be accessed on the state link:
PEAK applications online:
PEAK mobile application is also available on this site

Paper applications are available at both TCDHS locations: By the drop box at front door
800 Research Drive
Suite 100
Woodland Park, Co 80863
Please call 719-686-5518 to reach EA eligibility worker

Application drop box for DHS office in Woodland Park is out front to right of door or can email Woodland Park applications with verifications to

166 East Bennett Avenue
Cripple Creek, Co 80813
Please call 719-689-3584 EXT # 109 to reach EA eligibility worker

Application drop box for DHS office in Cripple Creek is next to front door or can email applications with verifications to

Economic assistance workers will process applications as soon as possible or within allowable time frame

The Teller County DHS Abuse/Neglect reporting line for Children and at Risk adults continues to be answered 24/7. Teller County DHS Case Workers continue to respond to reports of allegations of abuse/neglect concerning Children and At Risk Adults.
Please keep watch on our vulnerable citizens during this unique time and make a report if you have a reasonable suspicion of abuse or neglect by calling 719-686-5550 or 1-844- co-4-kids 1844-264-5436. This hotline is available 24/7.

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